Week of Respect 2021

Week of Respect 2021
Posted on 09/20/2021



Week of Respect

October 4th- 8th




Monday, October 4th

Manners Matter!- Say “Thank You” to a Teacher or Staff Member

Using manners is super respectful! Say thank you to a teacher, administrator, or staff member today by writing them a thank you note. Mrs. Schwartz will provide teachers with Thank You notes.


Tuesday, October 5th

Put a Lid on Bullying Day!- Wear a Hat

          Respectful people do not tolerate bullying of any kind! Let’s put a lid on bullying today by wearing our favorite hats to school. (Jeans permitted)



Wednesday, October 6th

Team Up Against Bullying!- Wear a Team Jersey or Uniform

Let’s “Team up Against Bullying” by wearing team jerseys or uniforms! Let’s all work together to respect others! (Jeans are permitted)



Thursday, October 7th

Disney Day- “You Got a Friend in Me”

Wear a Disney themed tee, or any appropriate Disney gear, because “You Got a Friend in Me!” (Jeans are permitted)



Friday, October 8th  

Dress Your Best Day!

People that are respectful take care of themselves. Dress your best today for picture day!