School Violence Awareness Week 2021

School Violence Awareness Week 2021
Posted on 09/14/2021

School Violence Awareness Week 2021

October 18-22

This week every school in New Jersey is observing “School Violence Awareness Week”. During this week, we will be spending time reflecting on the ways our conflicts can lead to violence and ways to solve our conflicts peacefully. Each day this week, we will be hearing a goal toward having a peaceful school building.

Monday October 18
Sock It to School Violence
Wear crazy or mismatched socks

Our goal for today is: Let’s work on respecting each other.  Respect means understanding other people’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions. When we have respect for each other, our school community becomes a very nice place to be. 

The Violence-Free Pledge will be given to each teacher. As a class you will recite the pledge daily following the pledge of allegiance. Each student will sign the pledge and it will be hung up in the classroom.

Violence – Free Pledge
I Pledge:
To respect myself and all people,
To respect my school and property that does not belong to me,
To assume responsibility for my own behavior,
To think about the consequences of my actions,
To promote an environment free from violence.
I pledge to be Violence – Free


Tuesday, October 19
“Exercise Your Anger Away”
Wear your exercise gear. Students and teacher will exercise or go for a walk to release stress and anger.

Our goal for today is: Don’t Let Anger Heat You Up. Let’s think about all the ways we can manage our anger. Lets’ all work on controlling ourselves and controlling our actions. When we manage our anger, we stay in control, and we are more able to resolve our conflicts peacefully.  Examples of ways to manage your anger are to count to 10, take a deep breath, squeeze a stress ball, talk a walk, write or draw about what is bothering you. 


Wednesday, October 20
Stand Up to School Violence
Wear purple which is the symbolic color for peace and anti-violence.

Our goal for today is: Do the High Five for managing unwanted behaviors and resolving conflict. In your classroom your teacher will have the Hi 5 Problem Solving Strategies posted. These strategies are ignore, talk friendly, walk away, talk firmly and report. 


Thursday, October 21
Give School Violence the Boot
Everyone should wear boots to give school violence the boot.

Our goal for today is: Use your resources. Sometimes conflicts can be too big for us to handle alone. It is important to know who you can go to for help when it comes to resolving conflicts. People like Mrs. Schwartz or a trusted teacher are really good people to go to if you ever find yourself in a conflict that is too much to handle. Who is someone you can talk to at home when you need help with resolving conflicts?


Friday, October 22
Show Unity Against School Violence
Students should wear their Cavs gear or blue/gold to show unity against school violence. 

 Our last goal is: Unite in action and make a difference. Today’s the day everyone can come together and send one message of support, hope, and unity to show that we are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Together we will “Chalk It Up Against Bullying” and “Color the World with Kindness” by brightening up the blacktop with words of positivity, acceptance, and kindness.