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Mr. Mark Pease

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A Greeting from the Superintendent…


Greetings to the Somerdale Park School community! As I look back on my first year as the Superintendent/Principal, I can truly say it was an amazing year. It was a year full of awesome educational experiences, allowing students to be creative and to explore while learning. I was thoroughly impressed by the effort and work of our students each day and their love for learning.

The introduction of a new school counselor proved to be a valuable resource for not only our students, but for staff and parents. We are looking forward to the relationships and connections Mrs. Amanda Schwartz (formerly Ms. Pelkey) will create this coming school year, in her fulltime role as our School Counselor. In this role, Mrs. Schwartz will initiate groups, committees and programs to support a positive culture and Social and Emotional Learning in our school.

The introduction of our school-wide goals:
• Student Centered Learning
• Social and Emotional Learning
• Equity in Education
• Educational Competiveness
• Service

Will continue to be our goals for the coming school year. These goals will allow us to increase Academic Achievement for all students, create a culture of creativity and exploration, and positive character within all of our students.

I look forward to continuing to get to know every family in Somerdale Park School and developing positive relationships along the way. Thank you for your continued support, compassion and dedication to our greatest resource…our students. Please feel free to contact me at 856-783-6262 or by email